In GreenSquare sell plastic, paper and metal globally.

Our goal is to offer a professional waste management and personalized advice.


Our dedication and constancy makes us different from the rest, and makes it possible for our company to export approximately 14,000 tonnes of waste a year.


We offer a close relationship and a personalized advice to your needs. At GreenSquare, we demonstrate that the customer's satisfaction is our first objective.


Our warehouses and offices regulators in China allows us a good control of the recycling and ensuring that products are recycled.


In GreenSquare we have all the necessary licenses for the import/export of recyclable products in china, guaranteeing maximum safety and reliability.

¿Why choose GreenSquare for your company?

Accessible services

GreenSquare is the only group capable of offering an Integral management of wastes in any point of the planet. No matter where your company is, we will take care to establish the necessary means to make possible that our services will be fully accessible for you.

Variety of materials

Most of the waste management companies focus their activity on plastic. At GreenSquare we characterized ourselves to offer our clients a wider range of materials that, in addition to plastic, we also manage metal and paper

Greater security

Greensquare complies with all current legislation relating to the laws of waste in all the countries where we operate, ensuring a good recycling of all materials managed.